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The Center for Bariatric Endoscopy, the “Premiere Bariatric Surgical Institute in New Jersey”, located in Montclair, New Jersey, offers advanced endoscopic bariatric procedures and nutrition counseling. We specialize in endoscopic weight loss procedures including endoscopic gastric sleeve, endoscopic gastric balloon and endoscopic revision for the treatment of weight gain after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.  We also provide on-site nutrition counseling with our Registered Dietitian. We invite you to learn more about our practice and contact us to schedule your personal consultation.

Dr. Sohail Shaikh helped pioneer the techniques he uses for endoscopic bariatric procedures. His reputation extends around the world. He travels to other countries to teach surgeons his techniques, to treat his international clientele. He most enjoys working with the patients of New Jersey and around the world who rely on his expertise to improve their health.

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Why Choose Dr. Sohail N. Shaikh?

Dr. Sohail Shaikh is an experienced and dedicated gastroenterologist and an advanced bariatric endoscopist. His patients appreciate his passion for helping them overcome the challenges of obesity. He is also noted for his compassionate and non-judgmental approach to patient care. Dr. Shaikh and his staff offer a comprehensive range of services to support you throughout your weight loss journey.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your personal consultation, Dr. Shaikh takes the time to understand your personal challenges in weight loss. He discusses your diet and exercise habits to help you find new ways to lose weight. If he determines that an endoscopic bariatric intervention is right for you, he may order labs and diagnostic tests before the procedure. Dr. Shaikh may also refer you for nutrition counseling with our Registered Dietitian for additional support.

The Center for Bariatric Endoscopy is a leading facility for endoscopic bariatric procedures. To learn more about our facility, contact us today!

“Individual results may vary. Results are not guaranteed with this or any other procedure. Any weight loss procedure should be accompanied with nutritional counseling and an appropriate diet and exercise program.”