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Meet Dr. Sohail Shaikh, Advanced Interventional Bariatric Endoscopist and Gastroenterologist New Jersey

gastroenterologist New Jersey Dr. Sohail Shaikh

Meet Advanced Interventional Bariatric Endoscopist and Gastroenterologist, Dr. Sohail Shaikh


New Jersey gastroenterologist Sohail Shaikh, MD is an innovator in endoscopic bariatric procedures and is one of a handful of physicians in the world who perform endoscopic gastric sleeves and advanced endoscopic bariatric suturing procedures. These include endoscopic gastric sleeve (gastroplasty), gastric bypass revision, pouch and outlet repair, gastric sleeve revision, surgery related leak repairs, and endoscopic lap band removal. He has dedicated his career to endoscopic bariatric procedures with training at multiple prestigious institutions, including Harvard University.

Dr. Shaikh is a pioneer in the field and has helped develop techniques for endoscopic incisionless weight loss procedures. He is actively involved in several research and developmental initiatives to better understand and treat bariatric conditions, and to further the field of bariatric care. He is a co-principal investigator in an ongoing study of endoscopic weight loss procedures and performs oversight for additional weight loss trials. Dr. Shaikh has trained physicians in the United States and abroad with a national and international clientele. He has been featured on NBC and Doctor Radio and has numerous publications. He always takes time to answer questions, ensuring his patients are comfortable with their care plan before moving forward.

For further information on how gastroenterologist Dr. Shaikh and his team can help you manage your weight loss needs, please fill out the contact information form and our office will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


“Individual results may vary.  Results are not guaranteed with this or any other procedure. Any weight loss procedure should be accompanied with nutritional counselling and an appropriate diet and exercise program.”