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BMI Calculator

Medical professionals rely on Body Mass Index, or BMI, to determine if you are underweight, at an ideal weight, overweight or obese. At the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy, the “Premiere Bariatric Surgical Institute in New Jersey”, located in Montclair, our online BMI calculator is easy to use and offers people in New Jersey and across the country an accurate tool for determining if they need to gain, maintain or lose weight.

What Is BMI?

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a ratio that takes into account your weight and height. The resulting number is used to categorize your weight as either underweight, normal, overweight or obese. It is a useful tool to help assess your weight status. Other tests are available that can help measure your fat to muscle ratio although these are not typically used when assessing for weight loss surgery.  Use the BMI calculator to find out your category.

Benefits of Knowing Your BMI

“Ideal weight” is difficult to define across any population. Body type, muscle mass, and other factors vary between people. Even those with similar body types may have other physical traits that affect where each falls within an ideal weight. A BMI calculator considers a person’s weight and height to generate an indicator that is more useful in weight management.

How is BMI Measured?

Our BMI calculator measures your BMI using either the metric or imperial system. You simply enter your height and weight, and the calculator generates your BMI.

Using the BMI Calculator

Once you have your BMI from the BMI calculator, you can determine where you fall within various weight ranges.

BMI Calculator



Your BMI:

If you want to compare your weight status to others, BMI is a great method of analysis.

BMI Classification Health Risk
Under 18.5 Underweight Minimal
18.5 – 24.9 Normal Weight Minimal
25 – 29.9 Overweight Increased
30 – 34.9 Obese High
35 – 39.9 Severely Obese Very High
40 and over Morbidly Obese Extremely High

As you follow a proper diet and exercise plan, you can monitor the benefits by periodically using our BMI calculator. In fact, many patients are motivated by seeing a category change in their BMI changes with their weight.

Why Choose Dr. Sohail N. Shaikh for Managing BMI?

As a leading advanced bariatric endoscopist, Dr. Shaikh is a valuable professional resource for managing your BMI. Obese patients who are traveling along their weight loss journey not only rely on Dr. Shaikh for his insight and guidance but also for his enthusiasm and support along the way.

How BMI is Used During Your Consultation

Like your primary physician, Dr. Shaikh uses BMI and other health indicators as a foundation for your treatment plan. He offers recommendations on how you can maintain or improve your BMI and general health.

Using a BMI calculator helps you understand where you fall within standardized weight categories. If the BMI calculator determines that you have a BMI of 25 or higher, schedule a consultation with our dietitian or Dr. Shaikh! Contact us today!


“Individual results may vary.  Results are not guaranteed with this or any other procedure. Any weight loss procedure should be accompanied with nutritional counseling and an appropriate diet and exercise program.”