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Bariatric Techniques in New Jersey

Incision-Free Gastric Sleeve

Located in Montclair, the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy, the “Premiere Bariatric Surgical Institute in New Jersey”, offers patients whose circumstances meet specified qualifications the opportunity to receive an endoscopic procedure with the goal of reducing the volume of an enlarged pouch as well as reducing the diameter of the outlet. In this procedure, Dr. Shaikh uses an endoscope that is inserted into the body via the patient’s mouth. Then the same sutures that are used in traditional abdominal surgery can be placed in the patient. This procedure has the benefits of allowing a patient to have an abdominal surgery in a minimally invasive way, in an outpatient setting, and without producing external scars. The incision-free gastric sleeve is a great option for patients who are looking to lose weight by undergoing a procedure that involves less risk and is less invasive than traditional surgical procedures. This procedure encourages weight loss via volume restriction. It can benefit the patient by helping them prevent or manage diseases associated with obesity, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. View Topic

Gastric Balloon

The benefits of a gastric balloon include the fact that it is an incision-free weight loss procedure, and it is reversible. The procedure involves inserting a soft silicone gastric balloon into the body via the mouth and placing it in the stomach. Once the balloon is in place, it is filled with air or with a liquid. This minimizes the amount of food an individual can comfortably eat. The balloon is left inside the body for up to six months. After the balloon has been removed, the stomach goes back to normal. This procedure does not require a patient to have incisions inside or outside of the body. It helps an individual modify their own lifestyle and eating habits by causing them to feel fuller after eating smaller portions of food. An Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon can benefit patients regardless of their level of obesity. This procedure is often used before more invasive bariatric procedures are implemented. View Topic

Incision-Free Gastric Plication

Incision-free gastric plication is a procedure where one or multiple folds are sewn in the stomach. The procedure is able to minimize stomach volume up to 70 percent by placing stitches in the stomach, thereby securing the folded stomach wall. Since a person’s stomach can no longer tolerate the volume of food it once did, they feel fuller sooner, eat less and lose weight. During this procedure, Dr. Shaikh will perform gastric plication laparoscopically. He will make five or six incisions in strategic locations in the abdomen. Then the doctor will place a video camera and long, thin instruments through the incision sites to allow access to the stomach. View Topic

Patient Reviews

We want to offer our patients the best experience possible. We know that the relationship we establish with our patients is the essence of our practice here at The Center for Endoscopic Bariatric Repair. Take some time to hear what our patients have had to say about their personal experience at The Center for Bariatric Endoscopy. View Topic

Weight Gain after Surgery

Have you started to gain weight again after initial success from a gastric bypass surgery? The small stomach pouch and the outlet that connects it to the small intestine stretch out for many gastric bypass patients over time. Because of this, patients may begin to eat more food before their stomach feels full. Dr. Shaikh of the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy offers various endoscopic procedures to help individuals who have gained weight after initial success from a gastric bypass surgery. The goal of these procedures is to help restore the size and function of the pouch and sleeve. View Topic

Am I A Candidate ?

The requirements that need to be met for endoscopic bariatric procedures are similar to those that are required for individuals to have traditional bariatric surgery. However, with this procedure, patients who have a BMI as low as 30 may qualify. We offer an online calculator that you can use to check your BMI. The Center for Bariatric Endoscopy offers less invasive options to individuals who have been struggling to lose weight on their own. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shaikh to find out if you are a good candidate for Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery View Topic

Dr. Sohail Shaikh

Sohail Shaikh, MD is one of the few physicians in the world who has performed endoscopic gastric sleeve and advanced endoscopic bariatric suturing procedures. He is truly an innovator in endoscopic bariatric procedures and a pioneer in the field. He has worked hard to develop techniques that do not require incisions to be made for endoscopic weight loss procedures. Some of these things include gastric bypass revision, gastric sleeve, pouch and outlet repair, surgery that is related to leak repairs, gastric sleeve revision, and endoscopic lap band removal. He performs oversight for weight loss trials and is a co-principal investigator in an ongoing study of endoscopic weight loss procedures. View Topic


“Individual results may vary.  Results are not guaranteed with this or any other procedure. Any weight loss procedure should be accompanied with nutritional counseling and an appropriate diet and exercise program.”