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Bariatric Repair Counseling in New Jersey

If you discover that bariatric surgery has given you limited results in weight loss, bariatric surgery repair may be an option to help you get back on track. Bariatric repair counseling can restore confidence in yourself and help you understand if a repair is right for you. Located in Montclair, Kathryn Valentine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy, the “Premiere Bariatric Surgical Institute in New Jersey”, who specializes in bariatric repair counseling for patients in New Jersey. 

What is Bariatric Repair Counseling?

To better serve bariatric patients like you, Dr. Shaikh introduced bariatric repair counseling to the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy. Kathryn Valentine, RD is experienced in counseling for bariatric repair. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who understands the nutrition and fitness requirements of bariatric repair patients. Kathryn offers a comprehensive range of support that can help you once again feel enthusiastic and encouraged about losing weight.

Benefits of Bariatric Repair Counseling

Bariatric surgery is not without its limitations. In recent years, studies have shown that over time the changes made to your stomach during bariatric surgery can be altered, and your stomach can stretch. This means that you may plateau or even gain weight, which can leave you feeling disappointed. Bariatric repair restores the function of your initial surgery, but bariatric repair counseling is necessary to educate you and give you the tools you need to make this second chance surgery successful.

What Should I Expect from Bariatric Repair Counseling?

During your appointment for bariatric repair counseling, you will be interviewed about your experience with bariatric surgery and your current lifestyle and diet patterns. You will also be educated on the diet required after bariatric repair.  As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has helped hundreds of our bariatric repair patients, Kathryn Valentine, RD is an expert in helping patients regain control of their weight through diet and exercise. She not only helps you prepare a nutrition and exercise plan, but she also offers the emotional support you need to move forward with and stick to your plan.

How Much Does Bariatric Repair Counseling Cost?

Obesity is a significant health concern in the United States and around the world. Insurance companies have realized that many obesity-related conditions are preventable and that paying for the cost of preventive services is far more economical than treating obesity-related conditions. This translates into more insurance carriers covering the cost of bariatric repair counseling and other types of preventive services. Contact your insurance company to find out if bariatric repair counseling with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is covered. Considerations can be made for patients who do not have coverage through their insurance.

Is Bariatric Repair Counseling Right for Me?

If you are considering bariatric repair surgery, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Kathryn Valentine, RD. She will work with you to develop an effective nutrition and fitness plan that you can begin before your bariatric repair surgery. By accomplishing this well before your surgery takes place, you will strengthen new habits that can benefit you during and after recovery.

Why Choose Kathryn Valentine, RD for Bariatric Repair Counseling?

You may feel frustrated with the results of your bariatric surgery. The truth is that even with proper diet and exercise, part of the issue may lie within the limitations of bariatric surgery. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kathryn Valentine, has worked with hundreds of men and women like you. She understands your disappointment and knows how to help you regain confidence in your ability to make permanent lifestyle changes.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Bariatric Repair Counseling

During your consultation with Kathryn, she will ask you about your experience with bariatric surgery, your current eating habits, and your exercise regimen. We encourage you to be completely open about any adverse changes that may be impeding your success. Kathryn recommends changes that fit your lifestyle while improving your overall health. She also recommends regular follow-up appointments to guide you on your weight loss journey.

Bariatric repair counseling prepares patients for the nutritional and fitness lifestyle changes that are necessary after bariatric repair surgery. Kathryn Valentine, RD, of the Center for Bariatric Endoscopy specializes in bariatric repair counseling. Contact Ms. Valentine today!


“Individual results may vary.  Results are not guaranteed with this or any other procedure. Any weight loss procedure should be accompanied with nutritional counseling and an appropriate diet and exercise program.”